Roma inclusion : a focus on good practices in education

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Scheffer, Mathilde
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Roma inclusion is one of the main challenges our European societies face today. Roma discrimination, prejudice, poverty and social exclusion should be combatted effectively to end the vicious circle. A key response to such problematic issue certainly is education. This thesis is aimed at exploring what the innovative practices in education are. The objective is to bring up questions about the existence of a best education policy. Before examining the good practices selected, it is necessary to better understand the issue at stake. The educational situation of Roma in Europe has to be analysed and confronted with the education requirements. The study of good practices provides some answers to the question and illustrates the complexity and the sensitiveness of the issue. Education shall be directed to the full development of and the strengthening of respect for Roma minority. European Union and national states should make education a core component and call today on Member States to turn their policies on Roma education into concrete action. Measures supporting equality and quality education are needed to tackle the problem at its roots.
Second semester University: University of Vienna
right to education, Romanies, Austria, Bulgaria, France