Photojournalism; human rights through a documentary lens

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Sotlar, Brina
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This dissertation, titled Photojournalism; Human Rights Trough a Documentary Lens, will research changes in correlation between visual and intellectual framework in photojournalism in the context of human rights advertisement. Specifically, exploration of power of visual imagery throughout history, visual-narrative presented through language of aesthetics, perception of photography and analysis of existing visual material, analysis of news image changing in relation to specific cultural context, research on photography reportages, projects, foundations and campaigns, which are considered one of the most powerful tools in the struggle for human rights, ethical considerations in photojournalism and today’s information society and the affect images of suffering have on our perception of the world. Thesis structure combines various studies and perspectives regarding photojournalism’s role in constructing personal and social reality trough verisimilitude of images.
Second semester University: University of Padua.
journalism, photography