I am just a child : impact of child marriage to accessing education in Cameroon

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Mumbo, Olive Awuor
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Child marriage is a serious human rights violation that has significant socio-economic effects on children, families, and communities. This study aimed to identify key the impact of child marriage on the right to access to education in the state of Cameroon. The research was conducted through a questionnaire that was issued online and remotely, through assistance from the ALDEPA team – a non-profit organization based in Cameroon. The study found a negative relationship between lack of access to education and child marriages, indicating that the need for empowerment of local community dwellers on traditional and cultural practices specifically child marriage. The results of this study have important policy implications, and it is crucial that local government authorities and administrative bodies prioritize measures to protect against child marriages to address gender inequality. Keywords: Child marriage; Education; Gender inequality and Cameroon.
Second semester University: University of Padua
children's rights, children rights, Cameroon, right to education, marriage, gender discrimination