The right to adequate housing between international and state strategies: a comparative study of Spain, South Africa and France

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Arrondo Segovia, Maite
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This paper aims to study the current situation of the Right to Adequate Housing (RAH) and to find out which are the better strategies that have been put into practice for its realization. This has been done through a comparative study of Spain, South Africa and France, as three paradigmatic cases that have incorporated this right in different levels and combinations both at international and state level. An analysis of the standard setting, monitoring and justiciability mechanisms will be made in order to answer the following question; `Which of these states’ approaches has been more effective for the realization of the RAH?´. Finally, an assessment will be given of today´s normative challenges and opportunities for the RAH realization.
Second semester University: Maastricht University
housing policy, right to housing, France, Spain, South Africa