Human trafficking for sexual exploitation purposes : a gender-based approach to the Nigerian - Italian route

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Papadopoulos, Sofia
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This thesis explores the phenomenon of trafficking of women and girls for the purpose of sexual exploitation. Firstly, I analyse the definition and scope of the phenomenon, in accordance with the international legal framework, whilst analysing some of its main features and characteristics. In the second chapter, I examine the gender dimension of human trafficking, through a gendered approach to the push and pull model, focusing on the main factors that cause women and girls being particularly exposed to this crime. In the third chapter, I present the case study of Nigerian women and girls trafficked to Italy for the purpose of sexual exploitation, especially investigating some of the elements that render this crime so difficult to eradicate, namely the harmful instrumentalisation of traditional practices, as well as the presence of a particularly strong trafficking network, born from a powerful transnational cooperation between different organised crime groups. Finally, I conclude the thesis with some reflections regarding the inadequacy of the current immigration laws, both at the European and the Italian level, which are responsible for fomenting the use of illegal migration channels, therefore strongly enhancing the vulnerability of the people on the move.
Second semester University: Ruhr-University Bochum
trafficking in young people, trafficking in women, sexual exploitation, Nigeria, Italy, emigration and immigration law, organised crime