The influence of human rights on small arms and light weapons export: a special focus on France, Spain and United Kingdom

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Enciso Romero, Laura
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A large range of human rights are in danger worldwide due to the availability and misuse of small arms and light weapons. Indeed, SALW have been labelled “the tools used to violate human rights”. Although states are legitimate to supply and acquire weapons, some exported SALW have been directly linked to human rights violations. This evidences the adverse consequences that SALW´s exports may sometimes have on human rights. That is the reason why the thesis, from a human rights perspective and with a special focus on France, Spain and United Kingdom, aims to ascertain whether human rights do have an influence on SALW´s exports in both theory and practice. Thus, to that end, a set of international, regional and national laws and policies, relevant to the subject, is examined. In addition to that, the existing connection between SALW´s exports and human rights as well as the consequences and responsibilities that may derive from it is exposed. Also, certain SALW´s exports coming from France, Spain and United Kingdom to certain problematic countries are analyzed. Finally, refusals of export licence applications issued by those countries are assessed as well.
Second semester University: University of Hamburg.
arms trade, France, Great Britain, Spain