"Black Humor" in modern Europe : freedom of speech v. racist hate speech. Or where is the line for racist humor?

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Leskova, Anastasia
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In this work, I will consider the question of possible limits for racist humour and it’s controversy with freedom of expression.First, I will lay out the philosophical landscape concerning theories of racist humour and racism, as well as consider main human rights theories of freedom of expression and it’s restrictions. Next, I will examine the relevant international, regional legal instruments trying to depict those that possibly can regulate racist humour. Trying to understand the way courts took when applying international and national norms concerning hate speech or derogatory racist humour, I will analyse current case law of European Court of Human Rights and Court of Justice of the European Union. Finally, I will conclude with evaluations concerning conducted social experiment as part of this work and point out the existing sociological theories of racist humour.
Second semester University: University of Seville
freedom of speech, hate speech, racism, Europe