Rights of refugee under international law : comparison case studies of Thailand and Italy

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Khachornboon, Praparat
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Since the history, the conflicts have caused refugees in many countries. Refugee rights have been recognized under the international law. However in many situations refugee rights are not well protected. The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) has mandate to ensure and protect refugee rights. The European Union (EU) new policies increase their interest to assist other countries regarding human rights violation. A host country and an original country have the most significant roles to protect refugee rights. However in many cases, the assistance and supports from international organisations could be improved. This thesis is to look for how refugee rights could be protected better. It could be problematic when the situation in an original country is still uncertain and dangerous for refugees to return home and the opportunity for the integration in a host county is impossible. In such case, the international and regional community are very helpful to assist refugee and a host country in providing protection and finding durable solutions; voluntary repatriation, local integration and resettlement in a third country. This thesis is to compare the two case studies of Thailand and Italy to find solutions for better protection to refugees and asylum seekers.
Second semester University: Ca' Foscari University of Venice
international law, refugee status, Italy, Thailand, refugees