Forces motrices ou faire-valoir? : questionner la place des victimes dans l’affaire Hissène Habré

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Capoulade, Julie
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This study presents an analysis of the socio-political and legal causes that inspired the creation of an unprecedented internationalised criminal tribunal which recognises a very active role of international crimes’ victims into the proceedings of the innovative Extraordinary African Chambers within the courts of Senegal prosecuting ex-president of Chad Hissène Habré. The victims’ struggle to try Habré took almost twenty-two years, eventually enabling the creation of this tribunal. In recent years, various mechanisms have been developed in order to improve the plight of victims and to analyse the trend towards a more restorative approach in the international criminal justice system. This research leads us to consider the interactions of the driving forces behind these mechanisms by exploring the philanthropic, legal and political motivations of state and civil actors to appoint victims as the focal point. Keywords: victim, driving-forces, international(ised) criminal justice, actors’ strategies, schemes for action
Second semester University: Université Libre de Bruxelles.
Habré Hissène, trials, International Criminal Tribunals, victims