"Re-conocer: pacto social por la multiculturalidad" : towards a new treatment for Mapuche people in Chile?

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Vidal Parra, Sergi
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Thesis introduced in this work will try to analyse Bachelet Administration and its program Re-conocer: Pacto Social por la Multiculturalidad from a conflict resolution approach, evaluating to what extent will it be or not a useful tool while remarking its potentials and shortcomings. The aim of Re-conocer is to achieve a Social Pact that will lead to the consolidation of a multicultural society in Chile. This is to be achieved through the advancement of the ethnic equality, environmental and territorial justice, and through, coexistence and democratic sustainability of the country providing the respect, protection and fulfilment of indigenous rights. However, this thesis proves weakness of the public policies to implement the rights discourse conceived by the Chilean government in Re-conocer. There is a lack of clear connection between the rights discourse and the public policies. On the other hand, the government is also resorting to the criminalization of the Mapuche social protest when indigenous claims go beyond what the government is willing to accept. As a result, the new treatment announced by Bachelet Administration and the aim to achieve a social pact and a sustainable conflict resolution seem to be an illusion.
Second semester University: Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan.
democratisation, Chile, ethnic relations, indigenous peoples, Mapuche, minority groups, multiculturalism