A comparative study: unaccompanied minors in Turkey and Greece : protected or neglected?

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Habip, Dila
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This thesis provides a research on unaccompanied minors in Turkey and Greece. Children, who travel the borders without a family member, are in an extremely vulnerable position. Especially after the latest refugee flows, Turkey became the country hosting the most refugees in the world and Greece turned into one of the two hotspots within the EU borders. In addition to that, since these countries are the main implementing actors of the EU-Turkey Statement, their roles have gained even more importance in the protection of refugees. Within the scope of the thesis, both relevant legislations of the respective countries and implementation of the legislations have been examined to understand whether unaccompanied minors are protected or in law and practice. In order to conclude, that both legislations and their impelementation of should be enhanced in both countries.
Second semester University: Panteion University, Athens
unaccompained migrant children, refugees, Turkey, Greece, comparative law