Why domestic violence remains under-reported. A case for migrant communities in Germany

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Malhotra, Fiza Lee
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As an identified pervasive global problem, it is quite shocking that domestic violence (DV) still remains under-reported. In Germany, this problem has been compounded by the recent influx of immigrants, who do not share the same cultural/ethnic background of Germans. To gain a deeper understanding on why DV remains under-reported within migrant communities in Germany, this thesis aimed to identify influencing factors which led to the existing negative reporting behaviors. Through an in-depth analysis of existing national laws, prevention and civic intervention programs, as well as the operationalization and implementation of both laws and intervention programs, it was identified that a stronger legislative framework is needed to ensure greater legal protection. In order to stimulate empowerment amongst victims, a more sustainable and manageable network of referral system is also needed. Additionally, through a deeper, interdisciplinary understanding of DV, as well as the role of culture, especially relevant for DV victims of migrant communities, gender- and culture- sensitive approaches must be applied by professionals throughout all intervention stages. Further research is also recommended to understand civic populations’ perceptions of DV, paving way for better long-term prevention and intervention strategies.
Second semester University: Ruhr - University Bochum
domestic violence, Germany, migrants