Ugandas nascent oil industry and the protection and promotion of human rights

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Byonabye, Kamadi
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This thesis analyses the human rights implications associated with Uganda’s nascent oil and gas industry. It highlights Uganda’s past human rights record and analyses the threats and opportunities with a view to identifying measures which can be taken to prevent the occurrence of human rights violations. In this regard, a comparison with other African oil producing countries and their performance in the protection and promotion of human rights is made. This helps in shedding light on the consequences of the oil industry on human rights and to identify preventive measures which should be undertaken to avoid reactionary approaches to human rights violations. The thesis identifies the peoples’ rights to participation, self -determination and development as prerequisites for the full realisation of all other rights if an inclusive process that fosters transparency and accountability is adopted. A crucial role in this process of realising popular participation may be taken by the Uganda Human Rights Commission. By focusing on the process, the thesis makes a contribution to the prevention of human rights violations at an early stage, ignites an early discussion on protection of human rights and provides a basis for further research on specific human rights issues associated with the oil industry.
Second semester University: University of Graz.
development, Uganda, economic policy, human rights, petroleum