The EU and election observation missions to Afghanistan, 2004-2014

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Intini, Dario
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The aim of this work is to contextualise and analyse EU Election Observation Missions to Afghanistan for the period 2004-2014. In so doing, I will answer the following research questions: a) What has been the EU's assessment both of the electoral process and the human rights situation surrounding elections in Afghanistan between 2004 and 2014? b) Which hypotheses may be raised to explain the EU's overall assessment of the electoral processes in Afghanistan? Does the assessment of the electoral process in Afghanistan reflect the EU's character both as a normative and strategic actor? This research work is mainly build on the theoretical and analytical framework of Judith G. Kelley and on the systematic study of both the preliminary statements and final reports of the election observation mission. This work suggests that in its election observation missions in Afghanistan, the EU has acted both as a normative and as a strategic actor.
Second semester University: University of Cyprus.
election monitoring, Afghanistan, European Union, foreign relations