A cry for help : the role of state and non state actors in human rights in Karamoja Uganda

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Mbabazi, Kezia
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The people of Karamoja have gone through a lot of human rights violation in the past, present, therefore this is an in depth analysis on their culture, and underlying causes of their violations. They are also of indigenous origin however Uganda is not a signatory to the United Nations Declaration on the rights of Indigenous peoples. Therefore they are treated like an ethnic minority group on many occasions, without the special benefits awarded to indigenous populations that are recognised all over the world. In addition to this there is an illustration on the need for diversity management in Africa, with special comparisons from Europe. The research is of a descriptive analysis utilising both quantitative and qualitative analysis, with a legal perspective that describes the underlying cause of these human rights issues, and the effect of the actors involved. Besides this some philosophy is adapted when defining important concepts of human rights for instance the views of Hayek, Nozick, Berlin, and Sen were referred to in this text. Lastly this research aims to help point out state, non state actors‟ obligations and their weaknesses. These shortcomings are assessed with recommendations to tackle ongoing third world issues in human rights enforcement mechanisms.
Second semester University: Ca' Foscari University of Venice.
human rights violations, indigenous peoples, minority groups, Uganda