The current state of human rights in Equatorial Guinea

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Ilieva, Slavena
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The present research is focused on the current situation of the Human Rights in Equatorial Guinea. Its goal is to review and assess the current state of human rights in the country. This is done mainly through the use of the Qualitative Method and the Oral History. Besides, official international and national documents, plus articles, books (both scientific and political) and other sources of information have been used. All these sources have been used in order to understand, in depth, the complex situation in the country. With these sources and the use of a Questionnaire we have been able to compare the opinions of the respondents to the national legislative framework and the standpoint of the Government. In the research participated about 80 persons, some of them key figures in the current history of Equatorial Guinea. 32 of them answered the questionnaire. The main conclusion is that the picture presented by the participants is quite different from the one presented by the Government. Most of the participants contributed with constructive criticism and proposed reforms in the field of Human Rights, which in turn will facilitate a peaceful transition towards Democracy in Equatorial Guinea.
Second semester University: Université de Montpellier.
democracy, Equatorial Guinea, human rights