Bringing philanthropy into the digital age: the adoption of data philanthropy in the context of the GDPR and its implications on countries without data protection laws

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Amorós Cascales, Fuensanta
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It has been a long-standing paradigm that the private and the public sector are unable to cooperate as their fundamental scopes are different; this perception is by no means different when it comes to the use of Big Data. As we try to join both worlds, there appear to be two dominant standpoints: on the one hand, a standpoint which posits that data protection disappears when there is a profit motive for companies; and on the other hand, a standpoint which maintains that using data for any purpose other than its original intention is a serious threat to the right to privacy. Both ideas are incorrect, as data may be shared for the public interest, presuming that there is an appropriate data protection framework which safeguards data donors and doesn’t harm the firm. This research paper will present the idea of data philanthropy as a new way of corporate social responsibility, and will explore the reasons companies refrain from engaging more in this exercise, which benefits the common good, while looking to answer these concerns. Additionally, a suitable legal framework to avoid violations of the right to privacy will be presented.
Second semester University: Université de Montpellier
right of privacy, data protection, corporate responsibility, social responsibility