The human right to education and the work of its first special rapporteur : possibilities, achievements and afterthoughts

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Stanisz, Katarzyna
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The thesis focuses both on the on the essence of the right to education and the contribution of its first Special Rapporteur. It draws to a large extent on the six years of her efforts to keep the right to education on the international agenda as well as the alert that it is risky to leave it there without dealing with its substance. It looks closer at some of the issues highlighted by the Rapporteur, such as the consequences of avoiding human rights language regarding education, the need to redefine the right and facilitate seeking answers to questions pertinent for its future, human rights in education, building bridges across disciplinary boundaries or the assistance of university research in carrying out the mandate of a SR. Education, rather than being viewed only as a solution to problems and a key to unlock numerous human rights, should also be seen as a potential part of the problems, hence the importance of it being rights-based. The paper recalls the mandate-holder’s firm assertion that since the state of education as a human right is a fragile one, it should be, like all economic, social and cultural rights, defended not only against denials and violations, but also against distortions.
Second semester University: University of Padua.
International Covenant on Economic Social and Cultural Rights, right to education