Diversity and norm evolution: at the crossroad of human rights and democracy

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Tkalec, Stasa
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The topic of the present dissertation is the management of diversity of ideas and identities that prove to be social reality not only in the international community but also at the national level. The author therefore takes on the challenge of identifying the means of incorporating the aforementioned diversity in the framework of a state that would at the same time strengthen the unbreakable link between human rights and democracy. In the search of such a model, which would also suit the selected case study of the treatment of members of minorities, and immigrants in Greece, the author turns to the lessons that can be learnt from social constructivism, more specifically from the so called theory on the life cycle of norms. The author namely claims that it is precisely the process of norm evolution that, if it is carried out in accordance with the principles derived from this theory, can serve as a tool for turning the challenges posed by diversity of ideas and identities into advantages for the state and individuals, sharing both majority and non-majority ideas and identities
Second semester University: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
globalisation, democracy, group identity, human rights, migrants, Greece, minority rights, national state