The climate crisis effect on Saami women's physical safety

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Bondestam, Kristina
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The consequences of climate change are becoming inevitably graver with every day that goes by. The most vulnerable groups face the greatest tragedies caused by the climate emergency. Climate change have direct and indirect consequences on women’s lives. As changing local temperatures, more frequent extreme weather events, and increasing sea levels are all consequences of anthropogenic climate change, which puts traditional lifestyles at risk. It is communities of Indigenous people worldwide who are facing threats and dangers in response to the climate crisis. This study was set out to analyse how the climate crisis will effect Saami women’s physical safety and by the findings it was made clear that they are at risk of experiencing an increase in violence due to the risks they possess in regards to their intersectionality of being female and being a part of an Indigenous group. In addition to their intersection of gender and being Indigenous, Saami women posess a combination of risks, which renders them vulnerable to experience Gender-Based violence, Sexual violence and at risk of being recruited into human trafficking due to climate change.
Second semester University: University College Dublin - National University of Ireland, Dublin
climatic changes, safety, women, indigenous peoples, violence against women, displaced persons, domestic violence, Arctic regions, trafficking in women