The paradoxes of freedom of expression on social media platforms : restrictions and enforcement : how should free expression be limited on social media platforms, given the paradoxes they expose?

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Maloney, Alec
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This thesis evaluates the societal impact of Social Media platforms since they became ubiquitous. While Social Media platforms can greatly benefit society and promote human rights, they also spawn a myriad of frightening consequences that result in horrific violations of human rights. While the benefits of Social media are undeniable, the technology spawns a great deal of problems for society that remain without a solution. First, Section 1 defines ‘Social Media’ and analyzes the role of Social Media platforms within society at large. The drastic communications paradigm shift caused by the widespread adoption of Social Media lay the foundations for sections 2 and 3. Section 2 investigates the role Social Media platforms have in the creation of information disorder. Finally Section 3 reviews some of the worst consequences of the communications paradigm shift, radicalization and the incitement of extremist violence.
Second semester University: University of Coimbra
social media, freedom of expression, communication, communication technology, social aspects, information, information and communication technology, radicalism