The MeToo movement : its presence and impact at the Greek universities. A case study at one of the Greek universities

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Marketou, Amalia
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This master thesis aims to examine the MeToo as a global movement by focusing mainly on the developments in Greece, from a historical and legal perspective. The main research question is whether the Greek MeToo movement has an impact on the Greek universities and especially on the students’ life. I will attempt to answer to this question by an empirical research, implemented in the form of in-depth interviews with students of one of the Greek universities. In the first part of the thesis, the history of the MeToo will be presented by analyzing the specific forms local manifestation of the movement in different countries. Then, I will explain the relevant legal instruments and documents concerning the protection of gender equality and the elimination of all forms of discrimination and violence based on gender on the international and on the European level. Afterwards, a historical record of the Greek MeToo movement and an overview of the relevant Greek legislative developments will be provided, relating to gender equality, and to combatting sexual harassment and violence. I will discuss the results of the qualitative analysis and arrive to the conclusions that will be presented in the final chapter.
Second semester University: Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest
Greece, sexual harassment, universities, discrimination, legal aspects