Separatism between vs. integration within? A policy-oriented recipe for language-related education in multilingual states

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Pamias Munoz, Diana-Aurora
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In multilingual states, language minorities generally require protection. The existing human rights instruments that target the issue are not effective. In this context, the author argues that implementing the right language education policy is pivotal in order to protect language minority rights and to minimise the effects of a given conflict. This thesis is aimed at analysing the nature and implementation of two different educational approaches to language − those applied in Flanders and in Catalonia. In particular, the author discusses whether – under the two linguistic models in question − the language rights of the individuals are protected. Importantly, the thesis assesses whether each of these two models are appropriate given the language capability background of the society they address and what is the impact that they have had on these societies. Although the main analysis revolves around Flanders and Catalonia, this thesis puts forward general recommendations that are applicable to a wide range of multilingual countries and scenarios
Second semester University: KU Leuven
education, ethnicity, language, linguistic minorities, Catalonia, Flanders