The right to education for children with mental particularities: an insight to primary special education in France and in Greece 2011

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Chyta, Aikaterini
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The everyday reality children with mental “disabilities” and their family face, is hard since the very first moment the parents realise that their child is different from the others. School is the second level of socialisation in a child‟s life following the family circle and defines significantly the development of the child‟s autonomy and potential in the future. In case of pupils with mental particularities, inclusive quality education is the key that turns what is considered to be “disability” to “ability”, “capacity”, “potential” and “giftness”. The present thesis presents the current situation of primary special needs education in France and in Greece, in integration classes (French CLIS and Greek TE) and in segregated schools (French IMPs and Greek special primary schools). From theory to practice, from definitions and legal frameworks to multidimensional approaches and pratices, opening an intercultural dialogue between the two systems, the present theses gives an insight of their progress towards real inclusive education, proposes a number of practical solutions and supports the upcoming necessity for a new approach in education that goes beyond the concept of mainstream IQ oriented public education in order to guarantee the right to education for all.
Second semester University: Université de Strasbourg
children with mental disabilities, France, Greece, right to education