Discrimination against women in social and political fields in Azad Kashmir.

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Khan, Muhammad Junaid
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Discrimination against women is a leading social problem around the world. It starts right after the birth of a child. The first part of the study is based analytical and theoretical framework. These theories test the empirical data of discrimination against women in the history and civilizations and try to find their role in the society of Azad Kashmir. The Second part of the study contributes to the research regarding Islam that is the official religion of Azad Kashmir and the population is almost 98 percent is Muslim. This part of study mainly concerns the actual status of women in Islam and their social, political, and economic rights as well. This study also tries to remove the misconception in the minds of the people that women have no equal status in Islam. Third section of the study based on historical background and nature of sate of Azad Kashmir. In line with the exploratory nature of the research, semi-structured interview guideline and questionnaire was developed and used to get an in-depth insight of the study. Interviews conducted by Skype and mobile phone and a questionnaire distributed by email and Facebook in different districts of Azad Kashmir. Women of different political and social background purposively selected from Azad Jammu and Kashmir This thesis uses a qualitative method of research with the supplementary help of quantitative method. The results show that the tested theories have a substantial role in upholding the discriminatory practice against women in Azad Kashmir and true teachings of Islam have no link between each other. Moreover, It is found that International and local human rights organizations such as human rights commission of Pakistan have less concern regarding violence issues happening in Azad Kashmir.
Second semester University: University of Cyprus.
discrimination, women, Azad Kashmir