Ethnic perspectives in police training : a comparative analysis between France and Denmark

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Grenet, Aurelie
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This research examines the police training strategies of France and Denmark concerning migrants and ethnic relations. While highlighting the role of the police in a multi-ethnic society, the research concedes that there are some major obstacles to the fulfilment of the expectations laid on the French and Danish police officers. The research, by assessing the current situation between the police and members of minority ethnic groups in both countries, explains the need for an appropriate training for police officers. Despite evidence that the relationship between the police and members of ethnic minority groups in France and in Denmark is characterized by mistrust and misunderstanding, it is demonstrated that the current training strategies are unlikely to impact police officers’ behaviour and attitudes on a long-term perspective. Learning from both countries’ experiences, it is finally suggested that some changes should be brought about by both the French and Danish police organisations and that, in such a perspective, cooperation at the European level may lead to fruitful exchanges in terms of training practices and thus be an interesting complement to nationalbased initiatives.
Second semester University: University of Southern Denmark, Copenhagen.
ethnic relations, Denmark, France, migrants, police training