The regress of freedom of expression in Western Balkans : an analyze of the performance on freedom of expression in Western Balkans and its impact on European integration of those countries

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Caushi, Denisa
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The purpose of this study is the measure the performance of freedom of expression in Western Balkans and to compare if this performance goes in the same parallel level with conditionality criteria, and how influential has been the performance of this fundamental human rights on the European integration process of WB countries(Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia). A mixed research methodology has been used in this study, through analyzing data from reports of European Commission, Reporters without Borders and a survey conducted for the purpose of this study for the period of time 2010-2020. The considerable regress of freedom of expression during 2010-2020 in Western Balkans has not been an enough factor to slow down or to limit the integration process of those countries. Through prioritizing the resolution of conflicts, EU has been allowing the progress of those countries further to integration, even though the human rights conditionality criteria has not been comply. Further studies are needed to go into deeper details for each countries on the field of press freedom, especially on the impact of media in this region on democratization and accountability in all countries of Western Balkans.
Second semester University: Uppsala University
freedom of expression, Balkans, conditionality, democratisation, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia