Indigenous resistance and linguistic rights : the contribution of the Cocaleros and the Zapatistas to the protection of indigenous linguistic rights in Bolivia and Mexico

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Garoufalia, Ioanna
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This dissertation examines the contribution of two indigenous movements to the gradual protection of indigenous linguistic rights in Latin America, both on theoretical and practical level. The research focuses on the evolution of indigenous rights in general and specifically on the evolution of linguistic rights and linguistic rights of indigenous peoples in international law documents. The most relevant international legally binding and soft law documents were examined in order to assess the level of protection that the international community is providing to linguistic rights. Furthermore, documents with specific reference to indigenous peoples, such as the ILO Conventions No. 169 and No 107 and the UNDRIP, were examined in this regard. Attention was given on two distinctive but extremely powerful indigenous movements: the Cocaleros in Bolivia and the Zapatistas in Mexico. A thorough analysis of the emergence of these movements and the political changes that accompanied them was conducted. The main focus of the research was on the changes and reforms that these movements brought to linguistic rights and bilingual education and intercultural for indigenous peoples, as well as to the status of indigenous languages in their respective countries.
Second semester University: University of Deusto, Bilbao
indigenous peoples, Mexico, Bolivia, linguistic minorities, peoples rights